Customer Vulnerability

  • Reduce provisions through a better alignment of forbearance
  • Reduce unexpected losses, realize more accurate risk grading
  • Reduce cost and risk, rapidly and independently screen for customer vulnerability

elanev Vulnerability is unique. Built from an exhaustive set of dynamic US financial indicators overlaid with validated up to date financial assessments, including vulnerability, making it more relevant and current than the alternatives. Our award-winning approach is the only comprehensive and compliant way of independently screening for customer financial soundness.

supporting organisations through COVID-19


We are supporting clients with daily updates of customer vulnerability and impact assessments of the crisis.

Leading clients


“elanev Vulnerability is the best-in-class. It is the only practical approach to independently verifying customer resilience, and vulnerability. It benefits from a well-designed data layer and impressive update frequency”

Eleanor, Head of Governance, Metro Bank.

providing leading insights


We not only provide clients with elanev Vulnerability but also share our insights. We recently prepared a white paper for the Head of Concept and Innovation at TransUnion UK on the identification of financial resilience.

Easy to implement


No IT change required – we deploy using our secure software as a service (SaaS) approach.
Compliant – no need for you to share personal identifiable customer information.
Save on OPEX – elanev Vulnerability will increase your operational efficiency so you can reduce costs, provisions and losses and increase profit.

Pilot it now


Experience the significant business benefits of elanev Vulnerability for yourself. Contact us to arrange for a no obligation month pilot. You could be live within a week.

Frequently asked questions


What is elanev Vulnerability? elanev Vulnerability is an account level measure of customer financial soundness.

How is elanev Vulnerability derived? elanev Vulnerability consists of a foundation data layer, an observed data layer and an analytics layer. An exhaustive set of dynamic US indicators including financial, socio-economic and geodemographic data forms our foundation layer. Over this we apply consented outcome data which includes validated up to date financial assessments, including vulnerability. Using the latest AI, the observed data is applied to the foundation layer to provide the elanev Vulnerability measure. elanev Vulnerability is updated daily.

Are the vulnerability assessments made on a sound basis? Yes, the vulnerability assessments within the consented outcome data are performed using standard drills.

Regulators have identified four key characteristics that they believe signal potential consumer vulnerability. Does elanev Vulnerability cover them? Short answer: We capture all the financial characteristics; we are the only approach to assessing customer vulnerability that does.

….and the long answer? As you know the characteristics are:
1. Limited financial resilience;

2. Low financial capability;
3. Suffering a recent life event;
4. Suffering health-related problems;

Characteristics 1 and 2 are present within the foundation data and the observed data. Characteristic 3, is present in both data layers when financial, socio-economic or geodemographic, e.g. redundancy. When non socio-economic, characteristic 3 is present in the observed layer. As elanev VulnerabilityVulnerability is a measure of financial soundness, we deliberately do not capture or store characteristic 4. That said, the effects of COVID-19 and other geodemographic health issues will also be present within the foundation layer.

What data do need us to provide? An inventory file; a simple daily extract from your system of records, for example, at the beginning of the day. No personal identifiable customer information is required within the file. We append our elanev Vulnerability score to your inventory file and return it prior to the start of your day’s operation.

How is this data transferred? Both files are simple text (CSV) files transferred using secure file transfer protocol (ftp).

Did you pay for your awards? Our success is dependent on our integratory so, no. We do not participate in pay for entry industry awards or where there is an implicit assumption that we will provide sponsorship.