Debt Investor

  • Challenge pricing – benchmark and validate the price offered by a purchaser
  • Reduce cost – rapidly inform the due diligence phase reducing analyst time
  • Reduce risk – validate the return on investment terms and key risks on contractual clauses of the sale

Better understand the purchaser’s pricing assumptions. elanev DebtInvestor applies our extensive database to provide you with a full qualitative and quantitative breakdown and commentary. Gain greater confidence, or otherwise, in the price being offered and whether it aligns to your risk appetite for funding or investing in the purchase. Reduce the time your analysts spend reviewing the purchaser’s price. Proceed rapidly to the due diligence phase fully informed.

COVID-19: prepare for the new normal


Post COVID-19 the need for debt sale is likely to increase rapidly and with it pressure on pricing. elanev DebtInvestor is a simple to use tool to help you ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit whilst limiting the risks of investing in debt portfolios.

Leading clients


elanev’s debt tool supported us in a recent debt portfolio purchase. We not only won the tender but were able to propose an alternative purchase strategy to the seller within the short deadline using the elanev debt tool.

David, Operations Director, ARC (Europe) Limited.

providing leading insights


We not only support investors and funders with elanev DebtInvestor but also support debt sellers and purchasers with our market insights and understanding of debt pricing.

Easy to implement


No IT change required – we deploy using our secure software as a service (SaaS) approach.
Compliant – no need for you to share personal identifiable customer information.
Save on OPEX – elanev DebtSale is designed to take you rapidly to the due diligence phase. It removes the need for your analysts to spend time assessing purchaser pricing helping you to keep associated costs to a minimum.

Arrange a demo


Experience the benefits of the elanev DebtInestor tool for yourself. Contact us to arrange for a no obligation demonstration. What’s more, you could be live with our full service within hours.

Frequently asked questions


What is elanev DebtInvestor? elanev DebtInvestor is an online tool designed to help you independently benchmark and validate the price being quoted for the debt portfolio you are considering investing in. elanev DebtInvestor applies our extensive database to provide you with a detailed report containing financial and profitability projections together with an accompanying commentary and insights.

Why would I use elanev DebtSale? For example, use elanev DebtSale to:
1. Reduce time in validating the purchaser’s pricing
2. Reduce analysts / consultants time in reviewing prices being quoted
3. Gain an independent benchmarking and validation of pricing (internal and external)

How is it accessed? elanev DebtInvestor is accessed via our secure online portal. We provide you with a simple template to capture the portfolio characteristics. Upload the template and get a detailed report returned in real-time. The report contains a qualitative and quantitative assessment, detailed financial and profitability projections, commentary and insights. Repeat the process as often as you like as the model is available 24x7x365.

What type of inputs does the model use? The model can be run using the portfolio details and data provided by the seller to the purchaser as part of the tender.  A variety of pricing options can be selected within the template too. These are explained within an easy to understand technical document. We will support you with your initial set up and ongoing maintenance of the tool. We also provide training and wider consultancy services as required.

Can we apply our own data? Yes, you can apply your own bespoke scoring data and use bespoke scoring bands to understand their impact, for example on recoveries.

Can we benefit from your elanev Resilience data? Yes, we can apply our elanev Resilience data to your portfolio to provide an assessment of the propensity for customer financially vulnerability within a given portfolio. Click here for more details on elanev Resilience.

That all sounds expensive. Is it? We base our pricing on a proportion of the FTE cost of a pricing analyst which would be required to maintain an internal approach. What’s more, our pricing is substantially less than that of a Big-4 Professional Services firm whilst our debt pricing insights are more extensive.

Do you provide debt pricing consultancy? Yes, and we can provide wider consultancy services as required.