Debt Pricing and Valuation

  • Reduce the time and cost taken to identify portfolios that are of real business interest.
  • Move rapidly to the due diligence phase supported with relevant analytical insight.
  • Work products or placements that to date your business has limited historical data and experience of.
  • Independently benchmark and validate your existing portfolio pricing.

The elanev Debt Pricing and Valuation Tool provides a consistent and reliable way of pricing portfolios in real-time.

The Tool is designed to enable you to quickly price all the books that are on your desk. Your analysts can then prioritize the books that they model using your in-house tools in order to determine the definitive price to be offered.

Your configuration and pricing requirements are matched to our extensive database to give you a predicted return on the book you’re pricing.

Expected cost of collections and any finance costs are included and the results of the pricing analysis at your chosen outcome period returned in a detailed report which includes key considerations for the due diligence phase.

The Tool is built in a modular way, so if you wanted to run the analysis on your own bespoke pricing curves, then let us know, we could create a bespoke solution solely for your use.

Note: None of your data will be stored or used be elanev.

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