Patient Propensity

  • Increase financial performance with our bespoke scores
  • Understand patient behaviour to a range of financial outcomes
  • Deliver increased patient engagement, reduced operational cost and increased cashflow

elanev Propensity provides highly predictive account-based scoring of patients to a range of financial behaviours and outcomes. Use the scores to deliver increased patient engagement, reduced operational costs and increased cashflow. Example scores include the propensity for a patient to return a call, respond to a letter, or pay an account. Segment and strategize you entire portfolio with elanev Propensity so your teams can work smarter, leaner, faster. Scores can be loaded against accounts in a matter of minutes.

Leading clients


“We are able to target paying customers more effectively increasing engagement and importantly resolution. We have reduced the costs of customer engagement whilst increasing collections. The elanev Propensity supports our move to a data driven approach.”

Theresa, Head of Collections, BPO Collections. BPO partnered with elanev to integrate elanev Propensity across their collection strategies.

elanev Propensity increasing payments
by 50% from 14% to 21% a difference of 7%


elanev Propensity increasing engagement
by 53% from 15% to 23% a difference of 8%


elanev Propensity reducing costs
by 48% from $0.31 to $0.16 a $0.15 difference


Easy to implement


No IT change required – we deploy using our secure software as a service (SaaS) approach.
Compliant – no need for you to share personal identifiable patient information.
No extra cost – elanev Propensity will increase your operational efficiency so you can reduce costs and increase profit.

Pilot it now


Experience the significant business benefits of elanev Propensity for yourself. Contact us to arrange for a no obligation month pilot. Our unique approach means that you will reduce costs and increase performance. You could be live within a week.

Frequently asked questions


What is elanev Propensity? Account level patient scores provided daily. A range of scores are available for example the propensity for a patient to respond to a letter, SMS or email, return a call, pay an account, or return an asset.

Do you offer bespoke scoring? Yes, we can work with you to score a range of financial behaviours or outcomes and at variety of business, portfolio or book levels business case permitting.

What data do need us to provide? An inventory file; a simple daily extract from your system of records at the beginning of the day and a subsequent results file at the end of the day. No personal identifiable patient information is required within either file. We append our elanev Propensity data to your inventory file and return it prior to the start of your day’s operation. We have used a daily example, but other frequencies are available.

How is this data transferred? All three files are simple text (CSV) files transferred using secure file transfer protocol (ftp).

How do you use the results file? Your results file contains the account level outcomes from that day’s operation. We use these outcomes to re-calibrate our AI to ensure best alignment to your portfolio.

Do we need to change our existing campaign / strategies? No, elanev Propensity is designed to support your existing strategies. Segment your accounts in accordance with your strategy but use the elanev Propensity to prioritize the accounts for optimal outcomes.

Why elanev Propensity? Our proprietary data means you could be live within hours and without the need to share personal identifiable data (no GDPR implication). We can provide highly predictive portfolio specific scores using the latest AI and we only price based on the clear OPEX saving to you. For more details click on the image below.