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Using our US wide data and latest AI, elanev products will increase the operational efficiency of your key processes.

  • More profit – increase performance, reduce costs and risks
  • Easy  – no IT change required
  • Simple pricing – priced on the benefit to you
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Our products

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• Increase outbound contact performance by at least 15%
• Reduce costs and risks of wrong, third party, contacts

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Increases customer contact rates and reduces wrong contacts. Proven to give every 100 agents the productivity of at least 115. elanev Contact is unique, working on new to dialer accounts.


• Increase performance, screen for vulnerable customers
• Reduce conduct risk, verify customer resilience

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elanev Resilience is built from an exhaustive set of dynamic US financial indicators overlaid with validated up to date financial assessments making it more relevant and current than the alternatives.


• Increase financial performance with our bespoke scores
• Propensity to a range of financial behaviors & outcomes

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Prioritize accounts for financial outcomes using elanev Propensity. Example scores include the propensity for a customer to take a new product, pay an account or return a call. Proven to be highly predictive, reducing costs for our clients.


• Increase performance, proactively manage to period end
• Gain better outcomes with our predictive approach to MI

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elanev PredictiveMI shows what could happen given your current performance. Identify the areas you need to focus on and the predicted differentiators needed to prioritize your resource and strategies in real-time to meet the target end of the month / period position.


• Optimize account managment, increase efficiency gains
• Align account characteristics for desired outcomes

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elanev Decision incorporates our Contact, Resilience and Propensity products so you can better manage your workflows for an optimal outcome.

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