elanev provides simple to implement products that increase performance and reduce risks and overheads so that firms can realize an increase in profit.

Established in 2016 elanev is a consortium of industry professionals providing businesses like yours significant benefits through the application of AI and automation. No need for expensive installs, teams of consultants or waiting for a return on investment to materialize.

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Our name

data for good

Our analytic products are designed to give our clients a significant elevation in performance. And crucially, our fees are based on the evidencing of this.

el-an-evelevated analytics evidenced.

Our Directors



A successful innovator, Steve has a deep understand of the credit lifecycle and the ability to provide meaningful scoring using statistical approaches and machine learning. This is complimented by an expertise in data compliance and regulation.

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Steve led the collection strategy team for two large debt purchasers / business process outsources for 7 years. During a subsequent 5 year stint at CallCredit (now party of TransUnion) he led the functional design of their popular CallTrace and CallMonitor products. Because of his contribution to the US industry he was awarded the “US Collections Advisor Magazine” Top 200 most influential collections professionals”. He has worked on origination and collections projects within most of the retail banks as well as B2C firms. Recently he provided his substantial expertise to a challenger bank entering the SME loan market. He led the global collections and recoveries proposition for five years at world’s largest professional services firm.



Problem solving and financial acumen are complimented by John’s math modeling and coding skills. John has a background in risk modeling and financial product valuation and associated regulation.

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Following an academic career working on defence, nuclear and environmental projects John joined Arthur Andersen, the world’s most infamous auditor. Here he applied his skills to financial instrument valuation and risk. He was hired as a derivative risk manager at the world’s oldest investment manager before joining the world’s largest professional services firm. He led their London quantitative team and then their UK operational risk and conduct risk modeling propositions. John has performed a wide variety of advisory, consultancy and specialised internal and external audit work. John’s clients have included B2B and B2C firms, global investment, retail banks and challenger banks, insurers, asset managers, interdealer brokers, regulators and collections and arrears management firms. He is experienced in liaising with regulators.