Consumer resilience

We score consumer financial resilience and its velocity of change on a daily basis. Uniquely, our scores apply to all US consumers.

Our clients are using these scores to identify financially resilient / vulnerable consumers to reduce associated risks and costs

Our products address the shortcomings of:

Bureau data

Bureau / CRA data provides a measure of the credit commitments of credit active consumers. Our data includes measures of income, savings, equity or assets, mortgage/rental payments and other commitments in its assessment of financial resilience and applies to all consumers, credit active and inactive.

Debtor self-certification

Debtors can self-certify as financially vulnerable with organisations. Reliance is placed on the debtors’ own accuracy and honesty and motivation to promptly update the certification as their situation changes.

consumer resilience

• A daily propensity for financial resilience score applicable to all consumers in the US
• Use to rapidly screen accounts for appropriate treatment

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elanev Resilience is built from an exhaustive set of dynamic US financial indicators overlaid with validated up to date financial assessments, including financial resilience, making it more relevant and current than the alternatives. It applies to all consumers, new and current, credit active and inactive, without needing or using their personal identifiable data.

consumer contact

• Receive a real-time validated I&E using open-banking
• Gain an assessment of consumer financial vulnerability
• Configure assessment to align to your processes

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A consumer consented open banking journey removes the ambiguity associated with self-certification. elanev Data on savings, assets and equity extends transaction data to give a holistic view of financial circumstance not available with other approaches. Uniquely we also provide the assessment against a configurable scorecard to tailor to your internal policies.

For our public sector, utility and water company clients we also provide elanev DEEAR.

consumer propensities

• Identify households moving into financial vulnerability
• Used by councils in emergency accommodation response
• Used by utilities to identify appropriate social tariffs

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Identify consumers likely to be financial vulnerable as well as those moving towards financial vulnerability. elanev DEEAR is widely used across local councils to define emergency accommodation needs. It allows them to support the right households at the right time and better manage the associated costs. It is also used by a large water company to pro-actively manage social tariffs.

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