Consumer engagement

  • A suite of daily scores proven to reduce the cost of consumer engagement
  • Work for all US consumers including your prospective, new and current consumers as well as the credit active and inactive

Our products help our clients address these challenges:

Free up staff

Contact consumers sooner with elanev Contact. Use elanev Propensity to identify accounts that won’t pay or purchase. Our products will  help you to make better use of current staff and reduce recruitment pressures.

Retain consumers

Our products help our clients to service consumers sooner and more effectively. They are retaining more consumers and improving outcomes. Our clients are reducing costs by retaining more consumers which is cheaper than replacing them.

Reduce OPEX

Our products reduce OPEX costs, increasing margins and profitability. Your cost base is increasing. Efficiencies are needed without diminishing consumer engagement.

consumer contact

• Reduce $ cost per contact and save OPEX
• Contact the right consumers sooner, reduced attempts

Case study

Apply to email, SMS, voice blasts and outbound. When used with our ‘recommended channel’ scores will help you manage inbound volumes as well. In live US deployments daily right party contact rates are 15% greater with elanev Contact than with those provided by a well-known predictive dialer deployed with a dedicated dialer manager. elanev Contact includes the propensity of contacting the account holder and the 3 best times each day for contact.

consumer propensities

• Reduce the cost per $ recovered or $ sale and save OPEX
• A set of simple to apply propensities for a given outcome

Case study

In live US deployments our daily propensity scores realize c. 60% reduction in cost per $ recovery over incumbent big-3 bureau book-on scores. Example propensities include propensity for payment, propensity for purchase, best channel for consumer engagement and propensity for a consumer to respond to a channel.

consumer resilience

• Rapidly screen accounts reducing risk & costs
• Segment & align book to appropriate skilled teams

Case study

In live applications our award-winning consumer financial resilience index identified 85% of known vulnerables within the top 10% of scores and that the highest 10% at risk 45% were vulnerable. Rapidly screen accounts to reduce risks and costs per $ recovered/sold. Appropriately align skill-based teams to reduce risk to fraud and risk of misconduct.

We support our clients with our predictive MI and consumer decisioning products. These are proven to increase the efficiency of contact operations.


• Increase performance, proactively manage to period end
• Gain better outcomes with our predictive approach to MI

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elanev Predictive MI shows what could happen given your current performance. Identify the areas and metrics you need to focus. Use these to help prioritize your resourcing and strategies in real-time to meet the target end of the month / period position.


• Optimize account management, increase efficiency gains
• Align account characteristics for desired outcomes

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Determine the next best action for each consumer. Engage your consumers appropriately through the best channel and at the right time whilst being up to date of their financial resilience and financial behaviour.

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