elanev® provides cutting-edge, award-winning solutions to help businesses like yours. Our solutions are designed not to require personal identifiable data.

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Contact optimization

Contact your customers quicker. The only solution to work on accounts with no previous attempt history and across multiple channels (call, SMS, email etc). Identifies the best time to contact each customer, reducing attempts and increasing rate of contact. Supported by the latest AI technology to deliver unrivalled results.

Financial vulnerability

Understand the chances of your customers being financial stressed or of low financial resilience. Our multiple award-winning Financial Vulnerability screen is updated daily to provide the only near future US wide financial vulnerability measurement.

Propensity scoring

Our propensity scoring delivers measurable profit to your business through predicting an event or an outcome. For example predicting if a customer will take a new product, return a call or pay an account.

Operational risk

Understand the impact of operational risks to your business. Apply our industry benchmarked, regulatory cognisant operational risk model to quantify potential losses from such risks. Assess your capital provision in the regulatory accepted way.

Debt pricing

Buying debt portfolios? Complete first stage pricing in real time, identifying main risks and points for due diligence to quickly determine second stage pricing strategies. Selling or financing debt? Understand stable vs high risk pricing in real-time.

Our solutions

Our solutions are designed to increase the performance of your business and to help improve your profit. Click on the image to see our full product suite and to find our more.