Debt Evaluation Tool

  • Independently benchmark and validate the price the purchaser is offering for the portfolio.
  • Validate the return on investment terms and key risks on contractual clauses of the sale.
  • Understand the collection strategies the purchaser may employ to optimize return and profit.
  • Highlight areas the purchaser should consider when undertaking their due diligence phase.

The elanev Debt Evaluation Tool provides a consistent and reliable way of validating pricing and purchasing strategies before committing funds and benchmarking the return on your investments.

The Tool is designed to enable you to quickly benchmark and validate the purchasers pricing and strategy.

The purchaser’s configuration and pricing requirements are matched to our extensive database to give you a predicted return on the book being priced. Expected cost of collections and any finance costs are included and then the non-engagement strategy duration and the litigation, outsourcing and field stages are varied to provide possible strategies that may optimise return and profit.

The report includes a full qualitative breakdown covering the usual qualitative metrics required for pricing, optimization results and a quantitative pricing analysis at your chosen outcome period. Commentary and key considerations for the due diligence phase are also provided.

The Tool is built in a modular way, so if you wanted to run the analysis on your own bespoke pricing curves, then let us know, we could create a bespoke solution solely for your use.

Note: None of your data will be stored or used be elanev.

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