Extended Recovery Curve Valuation

  • Estimate the returns out to 15 years that you could expect from your current book.
  • Assess the impact of large book purchases on your current book.
  • Explore the impact of macroeconomic shocks and regulatory change scenarios.
  • Gain an indicative company valuation.

Use the elanev Extended Recovery Curve (ERC) Model to understand the inherent value of your book and the impact of macroeconomic and regulatory change scenarios.

Using the payments you observed in the book over the last 12 months estimates of future collections and outstanding balances under a constant payment rate and baseline economic projection are used to model the extended recovery curve over a 15 year time horizon.

Adverse and severe macroeconomic shocks and regulatory change scenarios are modeled to help understand the effects on the extended recovery curve and how these may affect the books value.

The elanev ERC Model provides estimated returns you could expect from your current book if you didn’t acquire any more business and you didn’t work any non-paying accounts, or improve on any of the inconsistent paying accounts.

Key observations and considerations are provided in a detailed report which is returned in to you real-time.

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