Debt Evaluation Tool

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The elanev approach is:

  • Regulatory cognisant – The approach is informed by scenario modelling techniques that haves passed regulatory scrutiny at leading institutions.
  • Industry benchmark – Applies a range of industry standard distributions and modelling techniques associated with scenario modelling are available to the user.
  • Accessible – A fully documented, readily understood approach accessed via a webmail based infrastructure hosted on elanev servers.
  • Repeatable – An annual based service.
  • Flexible – Multiple options for model parameterisation.
  • Convergent – Up to five million simulations can be run for any one scenario with more available in the bespoke approach.
  • Fast – Near real time output facilities, ‘what-if’ analysis, discussion and challenge.
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Our concept:

  • We provide you with a simple user interface to enable you to record your business risk scenario analysis outputs:
    • An expected loss frequency for each scenario
    • An expected loss severity for each scenario
  • We load your scenario analysis outputs into our model and for each scenario we parametrise a frequency distribution and severity distribution.
  • We employ Monte-Carlo techniques to rapidly apply these distributions to simulate 5 million losses for each scenario from which we build a corresponding loss profile.
  • We model estimates of loss on a combined and individual scenario basis and diversified loss.
  • We provide you with these model outputs for each iteration you require and on confirmation of the final iteration a detailed results document.
  • We provide you with a technical document which contains a user guide and methodology overview and provides insight tips and tweaks and bespoke options.