Data for Good

SaaS products that reduce OPEX and free up staff

Our clients use our products to screen for, and assess, consumer financial status, to engage with the right consumers sooner, to price portfolios in real-time and to quantify risks.

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Powered by our unique highly granular socioeconomic data, +6 years of outcome data and advanced machine learning we provide a highly predictive measures of consumer propensities that apply to all US consumers, new and current, credit active and inactive, and no personal identifiable data is needed or used.

To meet your challenges

Regulatory change

In response to Reg F make each call and electronic communication count and reduce the $ per contact and the cost of $ recovered. Our daily scores identify for each consumer, which of your channels is best for contact and the three best times for, and likelihood of,  contacting that consumer that day.

Consumer retention

Retaining consumers can be more cost effective than replacing them. elanev products are helping our clients service consumers more effectively. This is improving consumer retention and reducing total $ cost per consumer.

War on talent

Making better use of current staff is no longer optional as businesses struggle to fill open positions. Our scoring services save agent time by increase right party contact rates and reduce time wasted by agents connected to third parties and answer machines. Our risk modeling and portfolio pricing tools also reduce analysts’ time. Our products will reduce your current recruitment needs.

Cost saving

Our products reduce OPEX costs, increasing margins and profitability. Your cost base is increasing. Efficiencies are needed without diminishing consumer engagement.