Data for Good

SaaS consumer propensity data and analytics. Save OPEX and free-up staff. Reduce firm and consumer harms. Comply with latest regulation.

Engage with the right consumers sooner. Screen for payment, and assess, consumer financial resilience. Quantify risks and price portfolios.

data for good

We provide highly predictive consumer propensities. These apply to all US consumers and are updated daily. We use highly granular socioeconomic data, machine learning and over 6 years of outcomes, c.2million a month, to do this. We do not use personal identifiable data.

Customer propensities include 3 best times, for and propensity of, contact, best channel for contact and likelihood of response, propensity of payment/purchase and propensity for vulnerability/resilience. Apply to all US customers, new and current, credit active and inactive.

To meet your challenges

Cost saving

Our products reduce OPEX costs, increasing margins and profitability. Your cost base is increasing. Efficiencies are needed without diminishing consumer engagement.

Consumer retention

It is cheaper to retain customers rather than replace them. Our clients service customers more effectively with our products. They are retaining more customers and enjoying a cost saving. They are reducing total $ cost per consumer.

Regulation change

In response to Reg F make each call and electronic communication count and reduce the $ per contact and the cost of $ recovered. Our daily scores identify for each consumer, which of your channels is best for contact and the three best times for, and likelihood of,  contacting that consumer that day.

War on talent

With our scores clients can engage with as many customers as they can with their current resourcing. Our modelling and pricing tools are reducing analyst time and recruitment needs. Making better use of current staff is no longer optional as businesses struggle to fill open positions.

And those of our clients

Increasing contact rates

elanev is helping firms engage with their consumers sooner. On a daily basis we identify consumers with the highest chance of contact. We also identifying the best time to, and channel for, contact. This means that our clients are increasing contact rates by c.15% with the same number of agents.

Decreasing costs

In live deployments our daily propensity scores realise c. 60% reduction in cost per $ recovery over incumbent big-3 bureau book-on scores. Our simple to use regulatory compliant SaaS consumer propensity scores are saving our clients OPEX!