Dialer Optimization Solution delivering strong results

Dialer Optimization Solution delivering strong results

elanev is pleased to announce that the US, Italian and Spanish version of the Dialer Optimization Solution is ready for deployment in each jurisdiction. elanev-data has not been replicated with versions covering the US, Italy and Spain.

The UK elanev dialler optimisation solution has now been live with two clients for six months, and the results have been published.

With one UK client, the solution has delivered a 30% increase to their call centre capacity, with the other UK user the gain is almost 40%.

The dialer optimization solution works by combining the latest in machine learning technology combined with the unique data-sets built by elanev data to enable users to optimise their call campaigns according to the best time to call and the propensity for contacting the person. The users are able to speak with the customers that would normally speak too much earlier in the dialing process, helping the customer reach a more timely resolution, and reducing the time spent with agents speaking with third parties, or listening to voicemail messages. The solution has also been proven to improve the morale of the call centre staff themselves, they get to spend more time speaking with the right people!

The machine learning ensures that accounts are presented for re-dialling at different times to those attempted previously, so, in time, the users are able to exhaust their call campaigns but in a more productive approach. The machine learning has also shown that as the analytics are calibrated against your dialing performance, the accuracy of the solution improves, as the solution calibrates against the specific attributes of your dialling portfolio.

The dialer optimisation solution can also be optionally supported by the elanev online MI tool, so you can review real-time insights into your performance and the benefits of the solution.

For more information, or to talk to us about a pilot in any of these jurisdictions contact us here.