Debt Pricing and Valuation Tool in use

Debt Pricing and Valuation Tool in use

The elanev Debt Pricing and Valuation Tool have been successfully used to price and purchase a debt portfolio.

The tool enables users to price a portfolio in close to real time and to scenario model different outcome periods, capital investments, APR rates, and strategic application parameters. The tool provides a qualitative assessment of the portfolio enabling users to determine their risk appetite for purchase. The quantitative analysis provides pricing at three pricing tiers based on the user’s risk appetite, their desired profit margin and outcome period.

The quantitative model is based on a benchmark data-set containing millions of accounts covering all placements and product types. The tool enables users to prioritise all of the portfolios that they can price and concentrate their analytical resources on the books most closely matching the strategic objectives of the company. The tool is available on a free trial, enabling users to assess the pricing suggested by the product to be assessed against real-books.

elanev are pleased to announce that the Tool has been successfully used by a purchaser to successfully price a portfolio, with the pricing accepted by the sellers.

The Debt Pricing and Valuation Tool can value books for all products and placements in the US, UK and Poland.

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