Dialer Optimization

  • Deploy your call center more effectively by prioritizing your dialer campaigns for calling at the right time to maximize the propensity for contact.
  • Reduce operational costs by decreasing the time to contact reducing the need for other more expensive contact strategies such as lettering.
  • Benefit from elanev Data to determine the right time to dial new accounts when there is no dial history.

The elanev Dialer Optimizer is truly unique in its ability to process and optimize new accounts that have not previously not been dialled.

The elanev Dialer Optimizer employs the latest AI analytical techniques. It combines elanev’s unique independent elanev Data and the previous account dialing history to determine the best times to dial and the overall propensity for contact.

If an account has not been dialed before, then the elanev Dialer Optimizer will determine the most appropriate times for dialing. If an account has been dialed before then, the elanev Dialer Optimizer will determine the optimal time for dialing based on the previous dial history, the independent elanev Data assets and models within the elanev Dialer Optimizer. The elanev Dialer Optimizer will continuously re-calibrate the scoring, and the models as new files are loaded, thus ensuring that the optimization is always representative of the book that is being dialed.

The elanev proposition is unique. We will work with you to determine the elanev Dialer Optimizer configuration to meet your business objectives, build, and test these with you and your dialer manager without charge or obligation.

The results are strong;

The elanev Dialer Optimization Solution is now live in the US with some amazing results!

  1. Circa 25% improvement to the RPC rate
  • The client is able to exhaust their dialler queues quicker
  • The client is able to meet their client SLAs easier as they penetrate their dialler queues more efficiently
  • The client is able to reduce the volume of letters sent
  1. Circa 35% more agent speak time is spent speaking with actual customers
  • The client has effectively increased their call centre capacity by 35%
  • Customers are contacted sooner in the collections placement
  • Agents are achieving their targets and are more satisfied

It’s easy to implement, and you could be live within a week – Contact us.

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